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Simply go to the product page of the DNA test you want, (Like our Paternity DNA Test) fill out the online order form, detailing the names, details, and the test results you want to appear on your Fake DNA Test.

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Get a highly accurate Fake DNA Test Report.  Our reports look so close to the real thing no one will tell you haven't taken a real DNA test.

You choose the Names, Details, and the Results you want. We send you an accurate DNA Report.

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How Can I Make This Fake DNA Test More Realistic?

If you need to really play up the joke, do what the real DNA and Paternity Testing companies do.

Collect the DNA samples! 

For simple instructions on how to collect your own samples, check out our page on sample collection

There we detail the simple method to collect the DNA samples and how to package them for shipment. The page also contains a consent form for you to fill out and 'send' with your samples.