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Fake Paternity DNA Test

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Fake Paternity DNA Test

Get the best and fully verified Fake Paternity DNA Test Report, proving you, or someone else, have taken a 'real' Paternity or Maternity DNA test.

Want to be the love child of Elton John?  Pretend to be related to Kanye West?  Or tease your little brother and sister about being adopted?  Now you can have proof to back up your claim!

Simply fill out the details and the choose your Test Results. We will send you accurate looking Paternity Test Results!  

Your fake DNA Test Report will be emailed to you and will look like it came from a Real Certified DNA Testing Laboratory.

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Our tests are for novelty purposes only. This service must not be used in connection with any illegal activities, or for legal & court proceedings. This does not contain any legitimate laboratory test or result items. No real DNA documents are created or reproduced in this product. This report is not AABB accredited or ISO certified.

Why Take a Fake Paternity Test?

Whether you’re wondering if you’re the father of a child, not sure who your biological father is, or you want to show the father that they are related to your child, a paternity test at can help give you joke answers. Most of our paternity tests can be easily performed at home—simply submit the info you want on the joke test to our 'lab' where we’ll perform the test.

We offer multiple fake relationship DNA tests, one of which is ideal for your unique situation.