Fake Paternity Test

Why would you want a Fake Paternity DNA test?

Want to be the love child of Elton John?  Pretend to be related to a celebriy?  Do you want others to think you are descended from royalty?

How about win the prank war you started with your parents or significant other?  Watch their faces as you reveal the 'truth' about who the Father, or Mother, of their child really is! 

You can also tease your younger brother or sister about being adopted, with hard proof to back up your claim!

What do you get with your Fake Paternity DNA Test?

You will receive a fully verified Fake Paternity DNA Test Report proving you, or whomever you choose, have taken a 'real' Paternity DNA test.

Your fake DNA Test Report will be emailed to you and will look like it came from a Real accredited DNA Testing Laboratory.  It will include all the information a genuine Paternity DNA Test includes. From the matching, or non-matching, alleles right down to the same wording used.

How do I order my Fake Paternity DNA Test?

Simply fill out the details and the choose your Test Results on the product page.  After your purchase you will receive your accurate looking Paternity Test Results in your email within a few hours.

Why do a joke paternity test?

Whether you’re wondering if you’re the father of a child, not sure who your biological father is, or you just want to prove your paternity to the person you just beat in an online game, a fake paternity test can help give you the edge in your joke war. Our paternity tests can be easily performed at home—when you’re finished you’ll simply send your results to the person where they will acknowledge your fake paternal lineage.

We offer multiple types of fake relationship testing, one of which is ideal for your unique situation

Do we collect DNA samples?

No. This is a joke result for a fake paternity test.  However if you feel the need to play the ultimate joke, check out our page on sample collection

There we detail the simple method to collect the DNA samples and how to package them for shipment. The page also contains a consent form for you to fill out and 'send' with your samples.