Sample Collection

To make the fake DNA test experience complete follow these step by step instructions on how to make your own sample collection kit.

How to make your DNA collection kit

Gather the materials you will need"

You will require 2 sterile cotton tipped swabs, more commonly known as a Q-Tipfor each participant. It is important to avoid touching the cotton end with your fingers.

You will also need small paper envelopes in which to place the cotton swabs after samples have been collected (one envelope for each participant works best).

Sample Collection Instructions


Step 1

Prepare an envelope for each participant, writing the following details on the outside:

Your case reference code (this is easily made up, something like #5488), Full Name, Date of Birth and Relationship: e.g. Alleged father, child etc.


Step 2

Using the swabs, rub the cotton end of the swab along the inside of the cheek. Do this for about 1 minute per person. Do this with every swab for each per person.


Step 3

Allow the swabs to dry. Place the swab somewhere clean, ensuring that the end of the swab is not touching anything else, we recommend standing upright in a glass as shown in the picture. When they have dried, place the swabs into the correct paper envelope.


Step 4

Place the paper envelopes with the swabs inside a larger envelope along with your filled out consent form and 'ship' it back to us for processing. 

These instructions are exactly how the professional laboratories do it and can add an extra layer to the prank you are pulling off!

Step 5

Want to take your joke test to the next level?  Use our Consent Form!

Simply download and print this Consent Form.     


Remember this is for joke purposes only.  

Any other use is strictly prohibited.

And as always, have fun!