Fake Infidelity DNA Test

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Fake Infidelity DNA Test

Get a fully realistic Joke Infidelity DNA Test Report, proving have 'real hard DNA evidence' of Infidelity.

Want to play a prank on a relative or significant other?  Pretend to have found out about someone's indiscretions?  Or just cant bring yourself to break up with that boyfriend or girlfriend?  Now you can pretend you're the good guy!

Simply fill out the details and the choose your Test Results. We will send you accurate looking DNA Infidelity Test Results!  

Your joke DNA Test Report will be emailed to you and will look like it came from a Real DNA Testing Laboratory.

We highly recommend only using this Joke DNA test with someone who has a dark or twisted sense of humor.  Please see our ToS and Disclaimers for more info.

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Our tests are for novelty purposes only. This service must not be used in connection with any illegal activities, in a malicious manner, or for legal & court proceedings. This does not contain any legitimate laboratory test or result items. No real DNA documents are created or reproduced in this product. This report is not AABB accredited or ISO certified in any way.
When a product is purchased from us, the customer takes full responsibility of their actions and agrees that the product must not and will not be used in connection with any illegal activities or in a malicious manner. When purchasing the customer takes full responsibility for the consequences of misusing the products. 
Please see out ToS and Disclaimers for more info.